In the GeekTrains game, you command a virtual G-scale toy train. But did you know that many books have been written about real garden trains and miniature railroads? Below you find a list of books about real big model trains from scale G (45mm Gauge).

Also included are books about miniature railroads you can ride on, gauges 1, 3½, 5, 7¼ and 10¼ inch.

Garden Trains

  1. Garden railways

    By Chris Hatton

  2. Realistic modeling for toy trains

    By Dennis Brennan

  3. The art of garden railways

    By Ian Stock

  4. The boy who loved toy trains

    By Ivan S. Stone

  5. Building structures for your garden railway

    By Jack Verducci

  6. Toy train memories

    By John Grams

  7. Command control for toy trains

    By Neil Besougloff

  8. New York Botanical Garden - The holiday train show

    By Joanna L. Groarke

  9. A garden railway adventure

    By Nicolas Trudgian

  10. Scenery techniques for toy trains

    By Peter H. Riddle

  11. Trackwork for toy trains

    By Peter H. Riddle

  12. Wiring your toy train layout

    By Peter H. Riddle

  13. Practical garden railways

    By Peter Jones

  14. Faszination gartenbahn

    By Ralph Zinngrebe

  15. Toy train doc's train show parts

    By Ralpho

  16. Wiring handbook for toy trains

    By Ray I. Plummer

  17. Garden railway manual

    By Richard Blizzard

  18. Collectible lionel classics

    By Roger Carp

  19. The toy train department volume 2

    By Thomas W. Holland

  20. The toy train department

    By Thomas W. Holland

  21. Toy trains with professor woodpecker

  22. Donald Duck's - toy train

    Walt Disney

Miniature Railroads

  1. Steam trains in your garden

    By Brian Wilson

  2. One man's garden railways

    By Charles Carson

  3. Modell eisenbahnen im freien

    By Florian Eisen

  4. The backyard railroader

    By Jeff Frost

  5. Miniature garden guidebook

    By Nancy Nona

  6. Big trains little trains

Do you know more book titles on big model toy trains? Track gauges G (45mm) until 10¼ inch will do. Send us a message and we'll add the book to the list!

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