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GeekTrains™ is…

A fun and interactive 3-Dimensional (3D) G-scale model train HTML5 webgame by for all ages, playable right from your desktop, laptop or mobile browser with mouse, keyboard, gamepad, touch or train cab controller.

Main features

  • Instant Toy Train arcade game (no installation required)
  • Fully 3D home & garden environments
  • Touch & gestures
  • Mouse & keyboard input
  • Gamepad controller support
  • Train Cab Controller (RailDriver®) support
  • 1-2 Players (splitscreen multiplayer: co-operative/battle mode)

About me

Conduqtor Q My name is Quintus Hegie, your Dutch 'Conduqtor Q'. I'm a great fan of trains and railroad tracks. I love to drive around my large scale model trains in the backyard. Do you want to join me on this ride?

Bound only by your imagination, you can now drive any train you can dream of as if they were actually real. With the 3D VR online browser game I created, you'll be able to experience being a train conductor yourself too.

This project is part of my exploration of learning new technology, and what better way to discover new study tracks by creating a train game? So get in, all aboard - have your tickets ready and be amazed by the feeling of commanding your own (model) train!

If you like my project consider giving a donation to support further game development:

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