Real World Locations

In the GeekTrains game, you command a virtual G-scale toy train. But did you know there are real G-scale train parcs you can visit? Below you find a list of suggested places to visit and see real big model trains from scale G (45mm Gauge).

Also included are small model trains you can ride on, gauges 1, 3½, 5, 7¼ and 10¼ inch.

The Netherlands

  1. Landgoed Nienoord

    Nienoord 20, 9351 AC Leek, Groningen, The Netherlands

  2. Modelbouwvereniging Twente

    Beltrumbrink 52, 7544 ZD Enschede, Overijssel, The Netherlands

  3. Stoomgroep Limburg

    Heidestraat 20, 6443 VZ Brunssum, Limburg, The Netherlands

  4. SGB Junior Hoedekenskerke

    Waardweg 4, 4433 RW Hoedekenskerke, Zeeland, The Netherlands

  5. StoomGroep Kerkwerve

    Weelweg 3, 4321 AH Kerkwerve, Zeeland, The Netherlands

  6. N.V.M. Stoomgroep Zuid

    Reeptiend 23, 4836 AT Breda, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

  7. Stoom Modelbouw Midden-Brabant

    Daniėl de Brouwerstraat 15, 5032 VH Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

  8. Stoomgroep Radingspoor

    Karnemelksweg 8, 3739 LB Hollandsche Rading, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  9. Modelbouwvereniging het 'Y'

    Genieweg 38a, 1981 LN Velsen-Zuid, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

  10. Stoomgroep West Zuiderpark

    Mr P D Fortuynwg 50, 2533 SR Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

  11. Stormpolder

    Uitzichtpunt Stormpolder, 2921 Krimpen aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

  12. Maasoever Spoorweg

    Achterzeedijk 1b, 2991 SB Barendrecht, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

  13. Poco Loco Nootdorp

    Industrieweg 19, 2631 PG Nootdorp, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands


  1. Stoomgroep Turnhout

    bus 4, Parklaan 54, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

  2. KMYCA Antwerpen

    Wouter Haecklaan 1, 2100 Deurne, Antwerpen, Belgium

  3. Klein Stoomtreintje van Vorst

    Chaussée de Neerstalle 323B, 1190 Forest, Belgium

  4. Petit Train La Louviere

    7100 La Louvière, Belgium


  1. Chemins de Fer Lankelz

    34 rue N. Biever, L-4033 Esch/Alzette, Luxemburg

  2. Letzebuerger Dampbunnclub Remeleng

    Rümelingen, Luxemburg


  1. Swiss Vapeur Parc

    Route de la plage, 1897 Le Bouveret, Switzerland

Do you know a location where people can operate or ride on big model toy trains? Track gauges G (45mm) until 10¼ inch will do. Send us a message and we'll add the public location to the list!

Please note: When you click a link to a location you will leave this website. We are not affiliated with the listed locations. We just provide the links for your inspiration on big model trains!