Players Manual - Background

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.


In this section you will learn more about the background behind the GeekTrains™ web game. If you want to understand more about why this game, and how the game came to be, this is the section to read.

Why GeekTrains™?

GeekTrains™ is an instant web game designed and programmed by independent game developer Quintus Hegie from The Netherlands. In his day to day work, Quintus works a lot with innovative (web) technology, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). In his spare time, he is a railfan with an interest in large scale model trains and likes to visit outdoor miniature railroads (park railways). The GeekTrains™ combines these two topics of interest and expertise, into a fun and fast-paced train themed web game.

The game is setup to be educational, as well as entertaining and innovative. And the fun of playing GeekTrains™ can be easily shared with others (for example in co-operative, counter-operative or beat-the-highscore mode). Enhancing the experience for the real enthousiast, even custom peripherial devices such as train cab controllers and special designed gamepads can be used to play the game.

If you like the game then you can show your support by playing it, liking it on Social Media channels (such as Facebook) and inviting others to play it as well. Of course you can also send a message to Quintus Hegie, the author, and share your appreciation.

Real World Analogy

The GeekTrains™ game theme is based on a real world analogy with big scale model toy trains and miniature railroads. The following characteristics from the real world you will find back in the game experience as a player of GeekTrains™:

There are some inspirational books available that cover the real world analogy of this game.