Players Manual - Figures

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.

Toy figures

The following toy figures may be of use for your train adventures. You can recognize the type of toy figure by their clothing appearance and face.

Some Toy Figures can be employed at your Train as staff, at the cost for you of paying them periodic wages.


Travelers will be found at train stations and houses. Transport travelers to their destination and you will receive money on train ticket sales. Business travellers pay more for their itinerary, but you'll have to provide 1st class seats in order to collect that higher fee.

Cook (employable)

Cooks can be found in kitchens. They are a handy toy figure to have on board of your train, when you have a café or kitchen on board (for example, on the Night Line Wagon). Cooks will prepare drinks and foods, allowing you to earn some revenue on designated train wagons.

Engineer (employable)

The engineer is a very handy toy figure to have on board of your train. Engineers can repair your train.

Train Conductor (employable)

The train conductor can help you control the Locomotive. Also the train conductor will be able to collect tickets at passenger wagons.


Indians don't like trains and attack them with bows and arrows.

Sheriff (employable)

A Sheriff on board will help you keep the Indians and Criminals at a safe distance.

Guard (employable)

An (armed) Guard on board will help you keep Thiefs, Spies and Criminals at a safe distance.


Thiefs rob trains and passengers.


The Officer checks for speeding and crossing red light.

Fireman (employable)

The Fireman operates fire vehicles.

Doctor (employable)

The Doctor heals other figures.

Nurse (employable)

The Nurse heals other figures.


The Pilot flies planes.


The Captain controls boats.