Players Manual - Goods

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.


With your train you can transport the following goods to earn money and score points.

Goods Types

GoodProduced/offered atWanted/requested atRemarks
Apple / Pear / Pine AppleTrees
BarrelOil factory, Chemical plantRefineryExplosive when filled with oil or chemical waste
Food & DrinksKitchenDining table
Cable Drumreel
CoalMineCoal Feuling Station
ContainerAvailable in various sizes, stores other goods
Hay baleFarm
GirderConstruction site
Milk CanCow FarmFood Markt
Missile/rocketWar FactoryCan be stored in a rocket rack
PalletStores other goods (like barrels)
PipeConstruction site
Round BagStone crusher
SandSanding TowerConstruction site
Wheat BagFarmWind MillBag may contain coffee beans, chocolate beans, rice, grain, etc.
LumberForestSaw Mill
OilOil Refinery
WaterWater TowerFirefighter HQ