Players Manual - Scoring

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.

In the GeekTrains™ game there are several ways to keep track of your score and progress:

Score Points

Score Points are tracked per Level. Score Points measure how well you have completed a certain Level. You will receive Score Points for correctly executing tasks in the Levels. You cannot lose Scored Points (but you can lose Money!). You can try to beat your previous High Score for a Level.

Level Objectives

Score Points by completing Level Objectives:

Time Left

Score Points by completing Timed Levels quickly:

Transfers & Transports

Score Points for transferring Passengers and transporting Goods:


Find Collectables for extra points and other goodies:

Extra Life

When you've collected ten thousand (10,000) points, you get a free extra life:

Earn & Spent Money

As a Player you can Earn and Spent Money. Earned Money measures how well you are playing the GeekTrains™ game overall. You will Earn Money for correctly executing tasks in the Levels. You will Lose Money for violating railway rules in the Levels (like violating a red Signal). You can Spent Money on Upgrading your Locomotives and buying Emergency Fuel such. When your Money Balance gets below ¤0 (gets negative), you lose the game ("Game Over") and you need to start over from the 1st Level. You can store your Earned Money in your Player Account, so that you can continue your gameplay another time without losing your Earned Money.


These events earn you money:


These events cost you money:


These things you can invest your money in:

Attain Achievements

As a Player you can Attain Achievements. Achievements are Attained for executing certain tasks and completing certain missions. Achievements do not reflect Level Objectives. But they are more like 'side tasks' that you can try to execute correctly, while playing the Levels.

Compete on Leaderboards

As a Player you can Compete on Leaderboards. Measure yourself against other Players in the world.