Players Manual - Startup

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.

Things you have to do and check before you start playing the GeekTrains™ game.


There are requirements on your system and on you as the player.

System Requirements

Player Requirements

Financial Requirements


Instant Game (no installation required)

GeekTrains™ is a web browser game (sometimes referred to as Instant Game) and does not need installation. You can simply start playing GeekTrains™ immediately right from your browser (desktop, tablet or mobile).

Be sure to check the system requirements first though. GeekTrains™ uses 3D technology to show a virtual 3D railraod environment on your device's screen. Some temporary files will be stored in your browser cache (game assets like objects, sounds, images), and a large commit on your CPU/GPU may be needed (your device may become hotter and consume a lot of battery power while playing the game).

Get from App-stores

You can play GeekTrains™ for free* by browsing to the website Additionally, you may find GeekTrains™ as an installable App within common App-stores such as:

These apps function the same as the online web version at, but with the option to have the game easily accessible by an App icon (shortcut) on your device. There is also the advantage that you may be able to speed up the account registration process, as you're probably already logged in with an account from the specific App store.

The installable App may have a price set. This price covers at the very least some costs we make to have the App listed in that specific store. Plus some compensation for the additional work for us to create and update that App for that store.