Players Manual - Story

Welcome to the official instruction manual for the GeekTrains™ game. On this page you will find the information to get started with playing.


When you were young you played with toy trains. You like to operate a railway and the trains. You played and raced with the trains, alone and with friends. One of the friends you played with was Eddy, from a richer family. Eddy wanted to be the real train master, so every kid comes to him, but you challenge him. You compete with Eddy's train sets until all the houses in your neighbourhood are defended.

Twenty or so years later you wake up. Toys are for kids to play with. You loved the trains but now you're grown up. Trains are no toys but need to be exact models. There's no fun any more only reality.

Set out to re-experience your childhood passion, but now with a house and a grown-up life, you play with big toy trains in and around the house. You love to be in control of this own environment and be a chief commanding your train. Now YOU are the boss and wield the commands. But for some reason trains are disappearing, railtrack is taken away, and fun is drawn from the toys to turn them into static models and historic memories. You enter a quest for what and who is behind this evil dark power.

Oh no! It's Eddy. All realistic model trains are stamped with Eddy's signature. Part by part, you free the geographic locations from Eddy's influence. Until you beat the last one, and need to face Eddy at his Empire Office and factory. After shutting down the factory lines, you enter the inner sanctum of the Boss Office.

When you've finally beaten Eddy, he'll stand down and is taken by the autorities. But after they take the lift back down… Eddy exits at a hidden basement floor and escapes again.


Eddy, the rich kid on the block who wants to have all kids play at his house and not at someone else's. He starts as a friend playing with you, but you'll notice that outside your house other kids' houses become blocked. In the end you'll have to beat him to free the neighbourhood. Eddy cheats of course. And when you do, he'll be friends again… but for some reason the house where he lives goes on sale and he moves and you lose track of eachother.

Eddy, years later, has grown up. Toy trains are no more and should be no more. There is only reality and exact true models. Eddy is set out to erate all working toy trains and replace them by static models. You don't know at first but you'll get to learn during the story that Eddy is behind this all. Eddy still cheats of course.