Terms & Conditions

GeekTrains.com Terms & Conditions of use. By using this website or any associated service (like playing the game) you confirm to have read, understood and agreed with these Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Website Visitors

Personally Identifying Information

  1. We collect Personally Identifying Information for purposes like account creation, player profile, payments & subscriptions and the like.

  2. You can review, edit and export the Personally Identifying Information by logging in with your account.

  3. When you want to remove your account please understand that all your high scores and game progress will be lost forever as well.


  1. We secure our services like protecting accounts with passwords.

  2. The website and services are not guaranteed to be working 100% free of flaws.

  3. The user is recommended to use his own security measures as well (like not sharing passwords with others and having a proper anti-virus software package installed).


  1. Personalised and generic advertisements are shown on this website and inside the game.

  2. We do not endorse any particular advertiser.

External Links

  1. Opening links to external sites is at the risk of the visitor.

  2. We do not verify the external link neither do we approve/disapprove of or endorse/agree with the content of those external sites.

Aggregated & Non-Aggregated Statistics

  1. We collect statistics per visitor/user/player to help us understand the usage of our services better and to improve the service over time to better fit the visitors/users/players and our goals.

  2. Statistics (personalized and non-personalized) may be shared publicly, for example the high score of your player profile may be shared on a public leaderboard.

Affiliate Disclosure

  1. Affiliates may be paid out when you register for a paid subscription after being referred to us by that affiliate. To do this we share some basic information about visitors with the affiliate party.


  1. We store functional, analytical and commercial first and third-party cookies on your device.

  2. You can use a cookie-blocker or clean cookies from your browser. But this may break the workings of the website/game service and result in losing your player stats.


  1. You can buy stuff on this website and in the game. Any tarif or price will be made clear to you before you have to option to buy and commit to the purchase.

  2. Digital goods bought are non-refundable.

  3. When using our service you must use a subscription plan. You can choose from a free (basic/limited) or paid (premium) subscription plan.

  4. The options of the free subscription plan may change any time (e.g. some options may become paid and require you to switch to a paid subscription plan if you want to keep using that option). For example the maximum number of player profiles per free account may be reduced.

Business Transactions

  1. Transactions can be done by common means like Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Facebook Payments, iDeal, Direct Debit and the like. Availability of the payment options depend on your country and language.

Terms & Conditions Changes

  1. These Terms & Conditions may change without prior notice.

  2. The latest version of the Terms & Conditions will be found here on this page.

  3. You may cancel your account free if charge if you are unhappy with the changes but you must request for cancellation within 30 days of the Terms & Conditions effective change date. Any remaining or open due payments must still be fulfilled by you.

Protection of Collected Information

  1. The collected sensitive information is protected and secured with passwords. Only our people can access this information.

  2. Your login methods, user accounts and player profiles can be updated mostly by you and is protected with a password or login method.

  3. Some collected information is made publicly available or shared with other users. For example your player stats may be shared with and compared to other players.


  1. The service is not guaranteed to work at all times, or in all places or at all devices.

  2. We will try to make sure the service is at least available for most of the time, for most of the places and for most of the devices used by our target audience.

Limited Liability

  1. Our liability is limited to the total amount in euro's you have paid us within the last 1 year (365 days) or €1,000.00 which ever is lower.

  2. The liability period is limited to 1 year after the event.

  3. We cannot be held liable for third party suppliers (e.g. the browser that you use, the gamepad that you use, the social login that you use, the advertisements that you click on etc.)

Dispute Resolution

  1. If you have a dispute then raise a request in writing for resolution within 30 days after the event.

  2. Disputes resolution will take place with informal written negotiation between you and us.

  3. If we don't get to a solution ourselves we may call for an independent arbiter within our legal region.

  4. We don't pay for excess payments of this arbiter neither do we pay for language translation costs.

Applicable Law

  1. Country of Legal Entity is The Netherlands (Europe).

  2. Dutch Law applies.

  3. In case of legal manners a Legal Court in The Netherlands will be chosen by us.

  4. In case of doubt or possible misinterpretation, the original Dutch language version prevails above any other language version of writing.