Player: TapcoINT

This is a registered player of the GeekTrains™ game.

The player is enabled to save game progress and achievements and is allowed to compete for highscores in the leaderboards.

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Player name tapcoint
Country of residence n/a
Preferred language n/a
Last seen online n/a
Number of logins n/a ×
Levels completed n/a
Achievements obtained n/a
Total play time n/a days, n/a hours, n/a minutes
Total score n/a pnt
Total distance travelled n/a km
Play money balance ¤n/a
Play money earned ¤n/a
Play money spent ¤n/a
Rolling stock fleet n/a locomotives and n/a wagons
Trains destroyed n/a own trains and n/a opponent trains
Volume of goods successfully transported n/a liter
Persons successfully transported n/a
Fuel burned n/a power, n/a diesel, n/a coal, n/a wood and n/a water